What You Want is Not What You Need

Being a consultant for 20 years or longer in some capacity, one thing that I have found is true about every business owner regardless of the industry.  That truth is that what they want in regard to changing their business for the better is not usually what is actually needed to make lasting improvements.  A [...]

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Tired of Being Lied to by Merchant Service Providers?

Have you ever felt like you have been ripped off by your merchant services provider? Get sales calls all the time and don’t know what to believe ? Or whether to even take the time to listen and review ?  Chances are you have and that is why we are so loved by our customers.  [...]

Tired of Being Lied to by Merchant Service Providers?2020-04-17T00:33:45+00:00

2018 Year in Review

As we get ready for 2019, it is hard to not reflect and reminisce about the success and fun we had in 2018.  In fact, 2018 has been a record and monumental year for us here at Devoted Pawn Consulting and unlike any other year before it.  Our client base has grown tremendously every year [...]

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Don’t Risk Your Holiday Season

Your business is leaving tens of thousands of dollars or more on the table per store and we can prove it with a free 20-minute consultation!   If you don’t address this, you are gambling with your business, your source of income and the stability in your life. The time is now to make sure your Holiday season is [...]

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