Do you want to get the same Pawnshop Consulting, training and development that helps your pawnshop increase your sales, pawn balance, profits and more, all from the comfort of your own pawnshop?  Pawnbroker Virtual Training™ (PVT) was created to give pawnbrokers and sales staff the training, tools and guidance that they need to become successful and allows the pawnshop owner to use the training for all new hires, to strengthen their team, to get them ready for promotions and more, all without having to ever pay for our travel or having to pay for the services more than once!  Once you purchase PVT™ for each topic or training section you own it and can use it as much as you want! As with all of our services, Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Virtual Training Offerings

*Pawnbroker Training offerings will be live and released on 7/20/2020.  Order now and save!

Pawnbroker/Pawn Counter Training This training is designed to train pawnbrokers to get customers to bring in the items that we truly want to buy and loan on such as jewelry, gold, diamonds, firearms and more.  We will teach them how to write more loans that actually collect more interest than you normally do, how to still capture loans from customers when we are not able to meet the dollar amount they ask for, and to win every transaction that we want! This service also includes how to develop relationships with clients so that the trust factor goes up.  When the trust factor goes, up, so does the loan balance and quality of items.  We will teach you and your staff how to use words, phrases and advanced training techniques to teach your pawnbrokers how to grow your business dramatically!  Our average clients, when putting this training into action, see increases in pawn balance, pawn service charges, and new loans of 20% or higher!  View Pricing for this Virtual Training Service.

Retail Sales Training This training is designed to help pawnbrokers to get their staff to sell more and discount less by educating them on the psychology of the average customer that comes into our pawnshops. You will be amazed at this training as we dive deep into retail sales floor awareness, customer greeting, and customer interaction that leads to way more retail sales.  We can teach your staff how to disarm the customer who is always asking for a discount or “the best price” as well as the getting the customers to buy when they are “Just browsing” or do not want to be bothered.  We recommend that you also purchase the merchandising and pricing training module for maximum sales success!  Our clients who put this into action see sales increases of 20-30% as well as a healthy increases in retail gross profit.  View Pricing for this Virtual Training Service.

Get both Pawnbroker Counter Training and Retail Sales training together!  Order both now and get them for almost half price!  Check out the bundle prices for both here!

Merchandising & Perfect Pricing- There is more to selling and growing your business than just developing relationships with clients.  In this training, we will teach you how to get your merchandise and store displays to help you sell itself.  This helps take the pressure off the staff and allows you to sell more merchandise.  We will teach you how items should be priced to sell without discounting, how to make your inventory look fresh and sell more even if it is aged, and so much more! We recommend this training be purchased with the retail sales training module.  View Pricing for this Virtual Training Service.

Marketing & Advertising- There are so many things that can be done in this day and age to market and promote your sales, pawn and more without spending a ton of money to do do so.  Instead, pawnbrokers tend to overspend on marketing and advertising that does not work to grow their business.  In this training we will teach you how to grow your business and stop or save from spending that money unwisely.  The training will cover how to get your customers to market for you, how to get them to do more business with you, and how to drive new customers into your stores.  View Pricing for this Virtual Training Service.

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Training Coming in late 2020/Early 2021

Jewelry, Diamond, and Luxury Watch TrainingYou and your entire team will receive hands on training from a jeweler and multi-unit pawnshop owner with over 30 years of excellence in the pawn industry.  We have put together training tools, calculators, quizzes and more that we will show you how to use that we feel are second to none in the industry.   You will have all the tools and we will be there to help facilitate the materials so that your lead team members will be able to easily train new team members and reaffirm the knowledge is being retained in existing team members. Ensure peace of mind, maximum return on your investment, and team members who are enjoying their job and making more money as you do because they will be confident in not only taking in merchandise, but also feel empowered in selling your jewelry. This is only included in Silver and above packages or as a stand-alone service.



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