Have you ever felt like you have been ripped off by your merchant services provider? Get sales calls all the time and don’t know what to believe ? Or whether to even take the time to listen and review ?  Chances are you have and that is why we are so loved by our customers.  Whether you want a better rate for your traditional card processing, or you want new aged technology to help you make or save even more money, you need to talk to us at Nationwide Payment Systems.


What makes Nationwide Payment System Better?

If you want to continue using traditional card processing service, we are confident that we can not only match, but in most cases, beat your current rates while providing superior customer service , tech support, and handling.  And you get this without a long-term commitment or contract which most of the competitors do not offer. You can cancel at any time with a simple 30-day notice, if we cannot make you satisfied first .  We can help you against those unwanted chargebacks and teach you how to limit them to a bare minimum. Ask us how!   We have superior customer service and 24/7 tech support.  No more getting lost and treated like a number while calling those 1-800 phone numbers.  We are so confident that your experience with us will be better than your current one that we stake our reputation on it.  We also provide free equipment to you so no more expensive leases and purchases.  This includes new Dejavoo terminals that are wireless, Ethernet, EMV , and Apple Pay compliant, ready to plug and play out of the box. Contact us today to find out more about how our traditional card processing is better than the rest.

New Technology to Help You Save

Zero Fees Card Processing 

Zero Fees card processing (also known as a cash discount program) is a newer service that allows you as a merchant to pass on the cost of the merchant card services to the customers that choose to pay by card.  This has been done for years by thousands of businesses everywhere including government agencies, retailers, gas stations, online sellers, and more.  This program seems to be almost nonexistent in the pawn industry although it is being implemented in Pawn stores with positive merchant feedback .

It is being implemented by roughly 10,000 merchants per month in the US, with 95% of merchants sticking with the program once they switch to it. It is legal in all 50 states .

We provide the customer notice signage, and the programmed credit card terminal that prints the separate fee on the receipt, that is Durbin Compliant.

We can help you become mainstream while also putting more cash in your pocket with each and every transaction and the best part is your customers are already aware of these types of services so they will not protest them in your business.  Your current bank does not even offer this program.  Lastly, there is absolutely zero risk in this endeavor because if you sign up and choose to revert back to traditional processing, we allow you to do so with no penalty whatsoever.  When was the last time you heard that from a vendor?  Contact us for more details on this fee-less card processing.

In a recent article by the ACLU , a consumer advocacy group , it is socially responsible to offer cash discount and add fees to card transaction . Merchants are explicitly permitted to pass swipe fees (also known as “interchange fees”) along to customers, which among other things is fairer to low-income customers who don’t have credit cards and shouldn’t have to absorb the costs of those cards

Cashless ATM Option

This is another newer technology and process that is sweeping the nation and that is even becoming popular in the pawn industry.  That process is known as the cashless ATM.  This is great because it allows you to have less money on hand from a safety and security standpoint and to not have to pay annoying fees for processing debit card transactions.  This will be great for customers paying loans and layaway payments and you make a modest fee of $0.55 per transaction.  This could be the best choice that you ever made in your pawn business

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