I Need to Think About that Rolex!

“I need to think about where I can get the money to afford that loan amount for you sir”.  No pawnbroker would every say that to a customer (we hope) and yet everyday they tell us “I need to think about it for a while” or “we are interested but can’t afford that right now”  We hear this all this time when talking to interested pawnbroker clients.   If you ran your business afraid that giving a customer $5,000 for a Rolex may get you burned on the deal and never took a chance, or worse yet, made the customer come back after you thought about it. You would be out of business and always chasing the cash.  Buying or loaning on the watch knowing you can make a profit of double or more on it is what this great business was founded on and has gotten away from…..  Did you know that our average client sees way more than twice the return on what they paid us?  In fact they often see it in the first 60-90 days!

Every week in the pawn business we speak to 4 or 5 new potential clients and each time they end the chat with some variation of this “I need to think about it and get back to you.”

Just like in the example above where you can sell the watch for twice what you paid or more, our clients always receive far more return on investment than what we will ever charge them. Yet they allow themselves to be cautious and walk away or put the transaction on hold knowing that time is money. Just like delaying the loan on this watch above means delayed service charges paid to you, our customers miss and delay the improved profits, more service charges, increased loan balance, and higher sales that we can help them achieve through our Pawn Process ™.  Don’t gamble with a guaranteed winner!  #takethechallenge and find out what our clients already know.

 Imagine what we can find in your business!

In addition to a custom marketing plan for your business from us, our customers typically see unheard of results in the form of found money/cash flow, dramatic increases of service charges (interest and fees on loans) collected, and also see 20-30% increases in loan balance in as little as 60-90 days!  We have even had several clients DOUBLE their pawn balance in 9 months or less!  Lastly, our clients see increases of 20-30% in sales growth and on those sales,  they see increased gross profit because of the training that we do. It is not uncommon for sales gross profits to increase 10% or higher because we teach you how to sell without discounting and how to price and merchandise your stores perfectly. Come find out how much money you are leaving on the table and how we can help you succeed!   Check out our service packages here and find out why they provide the best ROI in the business! Don’t believe the results?  Check out our testimonials here and see for yourself!


Time is money so stop waiting to #takethechallenge!