At Devoted Pawn Consulting, we pride ourselves on making sure that our clients see way more value from our services than even they expected at the time of hiring.  That is why when you retain us to help you with our Trademarked Pawn Accelerator Program or any of our other stand alone services, we guarantee that it will make an impact on your pawn business long after we are gone!

We believe that our Pawnshop Accelerator is the most comprehensive all in one consulting package in the industry.  Not only will you receive every single tool we have created to help pawn owners succeed, but you will have step by step training for the pawn counter, sales training, jewelry, marketing, advertising and so much more.  All is designed to grow your pawn business at a rapid rate and is proven to work in this day and age and not the same old things that you have used and been sold for decades.  In addition to all of this, you can expect to receive the following:

Custom Commission & Bonus Plan– This is not your daddies commission and bonus plan and it will be a tool used to pay your staff tons of money but only if they actually make you money.  What a concept!

Custom Marketing & Advertising Plan– Marketing firms would charge you tens of thousands of dollar just for this.  What a value!

Free Tax Review– We will show you for free how much extra taxes you have been paying to the government and how we can get it back for you for the past 3-5 years!

Intro to Exit Strategy– We will help you set a plan in motion to and exit strategy that is custom for your business so when the time is right to sell, it will be seamless for you!

Free cost Savings Review– We will review how you spend money on things such as marketing and more and ensure that you are getting the best ROI from it.  Normally we are able to get enough savings to more than pay for our services.

Free website and SEO Review– Our partner marketing firm will review these because they are essential to be found for new business in this day in age.  If they can’t find you online, you don’t exist.

Custom Key Metric Creation & Tracking- This is essential if you ever want to understand the true profitability and productivity of your staff.  It is also the most important step to being able to run the business not running the pawn counter daily.  Get your work/life balance back!

Custom Employee Handbook Template– This is designed for owners just like you in the pawn business and it will save you thousands of dollars if you need one!

Step by Step Written Plan– This will be easy for you to reference and work on long after we are gone.  We not only give you the answers but we tell you how to do it step by step.

Complimentary Month of Support– We will be there to answer questions and help you wrap up the project even after our work has been done.

We believe you will never find this much value anywhere else and we want to prove it to you.  Schedule a meeting here with us or call us today at 727-580-5876 for more information.