Devoted Pawn Consulting was created to help Pawnshops and jewelry stores make more money, be more profitable and to help remove challenges like employee turnover, low company morale, and poor or outdated marketing and commission plans.  For years this industry has been changing and those in it need to change to be competitive and make the kind of money that these store used to make.  Is your pawnshop as profitable as it should be or used to be?  We can help!  Begin by taking a free consultation with us and get a glimpse of how much opportunity you have and how we can help you succeed! This is a no obligation discussion and could be the best decision you ever made!

Do You Want To

  • Grow without spending more money on marketing!
  • Close more loan deals and have less customers walk outs! (an average of 20-30% loan growth!)
  • Collect more interest through a better loan writing process! (sometimes up to 50% more!)
  • Price Merchandise is perfectly priced to sell!
  • Make a higher gross profit on pawn items!
  • Train your team to get customers to bring in items we want!
  • Incentivize your staff to work smarter with a customized commission/bonus structure like no one else in the industry has!
  • Add key tracking tools and processes that allow you to see profitability and progress with the click of a button and to hold the team without having to live in the store.
  • Add new and cutting-edge revenue generators that other folks in the industry would die to have!
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In these packages we have seen tremendous revenue increases, profit margin advances and major cash flow changes.  Our average client sees increases of 30% in pawn balance, retail sales, interest collected on loans, and more!