Pawnshop Cash Flow Versus Profit

In the pawn business today, we hear lots of discussion about cash flow instead of profitability and if you are not careful, you can cash flow yourself right out of business.  The reason we can [...]

Stop Procrastinating

I Need to Think About that Rolex! “I need to think about where I can get the money to afford that loan amount for you sir”.  No pawnbroker would every say that to a customer [...]

Pawn Loans Regulated Interest

If you are like the dozens of owners who call us each and every week, you have plenty of things to stress about right now in your business.  The least of which is not federally [...]

Undo Pawn Mistakes of 2020

The reality  of today is that thousands of pawnshops wish they could have a do over from 2020 and how they approached the year, the loan balance loss and more.  In addition, many of you [...]

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