Pawn With Purpose

If you want your pawn business to survive and thrive in this new world of 2020, you need to Pawn with a Purpose.  The world has changed for pawnbrokers today without question.  Our normal customer base has not needed loans and with another stimulus check coming, that is certain to continue.  We cannot continue to [...]

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Announcing Our New Pawnbroker Jewelry Training

Every time we help a client, we see that they are leaving tens of thousands of dollars in sales and profit on the table when it comes to Jewelry.  As part of our ongoing education efforts to make your life easier, less stressful and more profitable Devoted Pawn Consulting has developed a program to assist you in what [...]

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Want To Net More on the Sale of Your Pawnshop?

Everyone who wants to sell your business talks about getting you the most money on the sale of your pawnshop(s), but is that boasting true? How can you trust it?   Now that Stallcup Group Exit Strategy Consultants has partnered with Devoted Pawn Consulting, we can assure that we can help you net more cash than [...]

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Pawnshop Consulting Services- Cost Savings Review

Continuing in our weekly series on what services we include in every Pawnshop Consulting packages, this week we are going to cover why we also include a Cost Savings Review with all of our clients.  We feel this is so important for several reasons.  First, there are companies out there where this is there full-time [...]

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