Pawnshop Consulting-Changes for 2020

At Devoted Pawn Consulting we train that you must be changing and adapting to survive in this industry, and we as a company are no different.  In November and December, we tested some new ways to do business with each and every new customer and the results were astounding.  Those tests, along with feedback and [...]

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New Year, New Profits?

  .......That Is Up To You! How you spend the money you make this holiday season will dictate your future success.  The average pawnshop is leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table per location and we at Devoted Pawn Consulting believe that this does not have to happen. In Fact, we can show you how to [...]

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Vernon Stading-Pawnshop Consultant

It always amazes us with as many pawn conventions we have attended, exhibited and presented at and with the hundreds of clients that we have served in this industry when we get asked “who are you guys", "who is Vernon Stading", or "what experience do you really have in this industry”.  Vernon's personal favorite questions [...]

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Your Pawnshop Is Paying Too Much Taxes

At Devoted Pawn Consulting we are always interested in helping make our clients more money.  Becasue of that, included in every single service package of ours is an analysis of your taxes and 100% of the time we have found that your business, regardless of how great and amazing your CPA is, paid way too [...]

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No More Kickbacks!

We Don't Need Kickbacks to Be Successful When we first began consulting full time, we were told over and over again from others that tried to do it “you will never be able to make it in this business if you aren’t willing to make your clients dependent on your services”.  Likewise, I often hear [...]

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Trust But Verify

Trust Can Be Broken Easily Trust is one of the hardest things to come by and sadly far too often it is the one thing that gets broken easily in business.  But when that trust is shattered by key people in your business or organization, the loss of trust hits home on a much more [...]

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