Did You Know

Did you know that 95% of our clients had hired pawn consultants or “coaches” before hiring us.  In fact, 37% of them had hired more than one to help their business!  And yet, our average clients still see increases of 20-30% or more in retail sales, pawn balance and service charges collected!

What Makes Us Different

About 5 years ago, we began tracking whether our clients had used other consultants before bringing us in because we wanted to be able to speak to the common response that we got “we have used your competition, so we are ok”.  We were not shocked to find out that nearly 100% of our clients have hired consultants before us.  It also did not surprise us at all that our clients still saw amazing results.  We know this to be true because we are so very different than anyone else in the industry.  So, you may be wondering what makes us so different?  We want to share that with you now.

Turnaround Operations– Our consulting packages and pawnbroker training got its origin in merger & acquisition  as well as turnaround operations.  This meant that we were tasked with “fixing” these pawnshops and getting them to cash flow and make money as soon as humanly (and healthily) possible.  Because of this, we learned how to make a return on investment within in 60-90 days.

Hybrid Approach– We did not grow up in the pawn industry and we believe that this has many advantages.  This is key because we are able to take the art of developing lasting relationships with customers that have been perfected by the best in other industries like the payday loan world and implement that in the pawn industry.  This means that our customers are taught and incentivized to not use the services of our competitor and also bring in pawns that we really want such as jewelry, gold and fast selling electronics.  This is sure to grow your business.

Different Metrics- You for sure have heard about Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in this industry but only those that have worked with us have seen how truly different ours are and why they are so important.  We use these key metrics to show you your business and the opportunity that exists in a different way than any other consultant in this industry ever has.  You will love what we have done in this area and you will never look at you business the same way.

Marketing Plans– Our custom marketing plans not only are proven to grow your business, but most of the plan requires little or no money to advertise and execute!  Who else can teach you to market and advertise your business for little or no money?  Do you wish you had that plan in your business today?

Different Commission Plans– There are plenty of commission plans out there in this industry to choose from but we guarantee that you have never seen anything like ours unless you have worked with us in the past.  Our commission plans  track the art of “winning every transaction” at the pawn counter and the retail sales  area and rewarding the employee for doing that.  This has been so popular that two (and soon to be three) software companies have built it into their software for their clients!

Self Sufficient- Our goal is, and always has been to make you the pawnbrokers self sufficient and successful long after we are done working with you.  In fact, our goal when we are done is to have you never have to bring us back in to help you ever again.  That is a stark difference to our competitors who want you to bring them back in every season.

Best Pricing– We are told over and over again that our consulting packages are the “most affordable in the industry especially when you consider all that our packages cover.  In addition, every client of ours receives (at no additional cost) every tool, document, training system, quizzes, calculators, and tools included.  This is another one of clients favorite things about us.  We desire to never nickel and dime our clients in any way.

No Kick-backs….Ever- You can rest assured that if we ever send you a referral for services that you need, that we are not getting any kick-backs of any kind.  This is important because you will know that this is in the best interest of you and your business and not our pocketbook.  This is also a stark contrast between us and our competition.

In summary, if you are considering hiring us or our competition, we recommend that hire both and save yourself the trouble of thinking too hard about what should be a no-brainer decision.  Please call us directly if you have any questions at 727-580-5876  or contact us today.