Everyone can admit that the pawn industry has changed.  But have you changed what is expected from your pawn consultant?  At Devoted Pawn Consulting, Vernon and his team have been working hard and paving the way for change in this profession because it is much needed. It has not been easy because change is hard, but for the past decade or so becoming the leader in this industry has been our goal.  We desire to do that for the good of the industry AND the pawnbrokers even if it costs us money personally to do so.  We have not and Never Will take a kick-back, referral fee, or finder’s fee for referring our trusted clients to our trusted referral partners.  You cannot be a consultant and offer unbiased opinion when you line your pockets with referral money. Ask yourself this question: does your consultant have your best interests in mind when referring you to other services or vendors, or are they just sending you to the vendors that will pay the most for your referral even if it isn’t the best fit for you?  We encourage you to ask that question and demand an honest answer.   We offer more services for free or that are included in our service packages than anyone else.  We pride ourselves on giving you every tool, training guide, operational tip, and key metric tracking that we have ever made or used and we have INCLUDED them in every single package for no additional charge! We do more free or affordable webinars for educational purposes than any other pawnshop consulting company out there.   We desire to never have you have to hire us again once you retain our services because we give you everything that you will ever need to succeed with every single package so you can grow and improve on your own.  These include, but are not but limited to:

  • Free admission to our Pawn Conference in September as well as our other events scheduled- Included in every service package from us.
  • Free custom marketing and advertising plan for your company including digital, online, seo, social media and more- Included in every service package. You do not need to pay additionally for this which will save you thousands of dollars!
  • Free competitor analysis – we will review your competition and give you the plan of attack than can help you take business from them almost immediately.
  • Free custom commission and bonus plan creation- Included in every service package that will fit your business just right and is sure to help your team grow your business.
  • Free cost saving review on all your services, spending and more- Included in every service package.  This is usually tens of thousands of dollars saved every year and more than pays for our services every single time
  • Free review of your taxes to show you where you are overpaying for your taxes every year and can put that money in your pocket or back in the business. This usually equates to tens of thousands of dollars saved every year, per location.

Lastly, we guarantee your satisfaction and the return on investment of our services with a money back guarantee even if you have retained the services or other pawnshop consultants.  In fact, almost 100% of our clients over the years have hired other pawnshop consultants before us and still see double digit increases in the pawn balance, retail sales and more when they work with us.  There is no risk and also no reason to wait to hire us.  The time is now to experience the new age Pawnshop Consultant and what it can do for you. We offer onsite and Mobile Pawnshop Consulting for your convenience.    Contact us now or call us directly at 727-580-5876 for more information or a free quote!