We Don’t Need Kickbacks to Be Successful

When we first began consulting full time, we were told over and over again from others that tried to do it “you will never be able to make it in this business if you aren’t willing to make your clients dependent on your services”.  Likewise, I often hear “you will never make any real money unless you can figure out a way to get kickbacks from referrals or other services because you will need to find new business monthly without”.   We are proud to tell you that after more than 10 years of consulting, we are operating strong and doing the exact opposite!  After all, do you want to pay $50 for a service or $100 because someone else needs to line their pockets?

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to give you all the tools and training for you to be successful long after we are gone.  That is the opposite of making you dependent on us!   In addition, we have never ever taken a “kick-back” or a commission for any of the referrals that we have sent to our clients.  You can rest assured that if we refer you to a diamond dealer, refiner, marketing person or other that we do so only in the best interest of your business, not because we get a cut of whatever business they do with you.   If you are tired of having others in the industry shoving their referral partners or business associates in your face over and over again because you know they are padding their pocket books, then it is time to do business with us.  #takethechallengepawn today and find out just how good we are and why we never take kickbacks on our referrals!  Contact us or call us directly for more information at 727-580-5876.