Our group of Pawnshop Consultants are experts at helping pawnbrokers like you make more money and be more successful because we take the best of what is unique and amazing in the pawn industry and add new tools, training, systems, and processes while teaching you how to market and advertise your business differently than ever before.

Consulting Packages

We are confident that these packages will not only work for every type of pawn operation, in every state regardless of the interest rate but that they will help take your pawnshop to new levels!

This package is and excellent value for you if you want to see how healthy your business is. It is also beneficial if you are curious about missed opportunities that affect your profitability and growth. We will come and do a thorough check into your operations and not only give you suggestions and action plan on improvement but teach you how to use what you are doing well to improve even more!  You will get hands on Pawnbroker and sales training, marketing plan, custom commission plan and more.  Our Average clients see increases in pawn balance, service charges and sales of 20% or more!

This package is an excellent value and is a continuation of our Pawn Health Check™, lasts for 2-3 months, and includes our New Jewelry and Diamond Training™!  You will get trained on all our pawn systems, tools, processes, trade secrets, and key performance indicators as well as our new . After an initial training and evaluation on site, most of your consulting will be done remotely to assist and support you along the way while being conscious of your cash flow and profitability. We will meet with you and your team every week remotely to ensure maximum success!  The results that you can expect to see are higher than what our average client see and the ROI will be maximum!

Our most popular package where you receive everything you get in the Pawn Health Check™ and our Silver Package! You will receive customized, dedicated, one or more consultants working live, in person on site with your team 1-2 weeks per month. Additionally, you will have remote support weekly. You also receive all of our systems, processes, trademarked tools, and key performance indicator tracking trained and rolled out to your team. We train you and coach you on these new processes and procedures as well as helping you with any major business opportunities that you would like assistance with.  This is a great package for those who have multi unit managers or those who need to develop them!

This package is for those who need extensive hands on support and again includes all of our service packages rolled into one. We will focus our attention on operations, executives for hire, guidance with merger and acquisition, new store openings or major growth initiatives and turnaround operations. With this package, you get all the perks of the gold package in addition to support with any opportunities that we uncover! Our team will work hands on with you on marketing and advertising, financial and cash flow issues, work/life balance, staffing problems, and leadership training.

Other Services


We offer hands on training of your entire staff from the pawnbrokers all the way up to the leaders and managers. This training includes sales guidance, pricing, merchandising, how to qualify loans properly, how to build rapport with customers, how to collect more interest on pawn loans, and so much more! The best part is that this training is FREE with the purchase of any pawn consulting packages Silver or higher. Contact us for more information.


Diamond & Jewelry Training

You and your entire team will receive hands on training from a jeweler and multi-unit pawnshop owner with over 30 years of excellence in the pawn industry.  We have put together training tools, calculators, quizzes and more that we will show you how to use that we feel are second to none in the industry.   You will have all the tools and we will be there to help facilitate the materials so that your lead team members will be able to easily train new team members and reaffirm the knowledge is being retained in existing team members. Ensure peace of mind, maximum return on your investment, and team members who are enjoying their job and making more money as you do because they will be confident in not only taking in merchandise, but also feel empowered in selling your jewelry.



You can do a free online version or an in person assessment. The online Health Check is a brief version that allows only you to see your results and where you have opportunity to improve. The onsite version is a comprehensive dive into your operations, your finances, your training, your systems and processes and so much more. They both give you amazing insight into your business like never before and point out areas where you are missing opportunities for cost savings and making more money. Take your Pawn Health Check today!



We help pawn businesses just like yours make more money and be more successful by helping them create the perfect commission plans for your hourly staff and bonus plans for your managers. The perfect commission plan for your business means better employee performance, better employee retention and more profit in your business!



We have helped create online sales programs where you can market, advertise and even sell your merchandise online. When you have tons of inventory, finding out where to begin is a daunting task. We have done this for not only pawnshops, for second-hand goods retailers, e-commerce companies, cell phone stores, jewelry and watch buyers and sellers, and so much more! If you need to get an online presence we are the folks that you need to talk to! Contact us today to learn more.



There is no one better in this industry at helping your multi-unit operations be more successful! Our background comes from the corporate world and included building, managing and leading teams of literally hundreds of multi-unit managers across thousands of miles of territories. Because of this experience we know how to teach you to not only lead your multi-unit managers, but how to develop them from within so you do not have to hire from the outside. We will equip you with key metrics tracking and training which allows you as the owner to be able to monitor and manage their progress and address issues in real time. We guarantee your success with this program! Contact us today to find out more.



We will help you create a new marketing and advertising program that provides a maximum return on investment. Many parts of the plan will require minimal dollar expenditure while still providing maximum increased traffic. We understand what “old school” advertising works, but more importantly we use our experience in other industries to target customers who are not using our services and get them to not only come in and see us, but those that already do use us to use us more frequently.



We as a team help you define what key performance indicators you need to know, how to manage and track them, and more importantly we teach you how to use these metrics to understand what is going on in your business; both good and bad. We take those key learnings from the metrics and apply it to the pawnbroker training to make your business more successful. We have been told that our metrics are better, more unique and more accurate than that of even other pawnshop consulting groups. Find out more about our KPI’s here and why they are so important here.



We help pawnbrokers prepare for and launch new store openings. We believe the planning of a new store opening is paramount to the success of its operation and longevity. We also believe this is where most operators opening new locations need the most work and struggle the most. We as owners have a tendency to want to take our best managers from our existing locations to open their new one. While this has good logic, it also creates problems. We have opened more than 300 locations nationwide over the years, so we are your best resource when it comes to new location openings.



Because our owner also owns another consulting firm, we are able to offer executive for hire. Whether you are in need of COO, CEO, CFO or CMO help on a temporary or more long term basis, we have you covered. Click here to find out more about how we help in this area.



As a pawn shop consulting group, we specialize in helping businesses like yours successfully buy and merge other pawn shops into your empire. One of the keys to this is that as the owner, you will need to and want to incorporate best practices and training from the new pawnshop to the old one and vice versa. This causes challenges on many levels especially making all locations operate the same way with the same processes and procedures. We are experts in this area and have decades of experience doing this.