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Pawnshop Consulting- Service Packages

We offer the most comprehensive Pawnshop Consulting packages around as well as services that can be used individually for your convenience and now you can pay over time!  All of our pawnshop consulting packages begin with our Pawn Health Check™ format and are packed with included or free services that are sure to make your pawnshop(s) grow and succeed!  Check out how our onsite health check works from beginning to end here and check out our individual services below.

Hands on Pawnbroker & Sales Training This training is designed to help pawnbrokers to get their staff to sell more and discount less, get customers to bring in the items that we truly want to buy and loan on, write more loans that actually collect more interest than you normally do, and so much more. This service also includes training on perfect pricing and merchandising and how to develop relationships with clients. If you want to grow your business, this hands-on training is essential for you!  Included in all Service Packages and can be an individual service.

Pawnshop HR Consulting– Every pawnshop needs help with Human Resources whether it be hiring and firing support, staff retention and attraction, employee benefits,  employee handbook creation, training and development, organizational structuring, or more we have you covered!

Jewelry, Diamond, and Luxury Watch Training– You and your entire team will receive hands on training from a jeweler and multi-unit pawnshop owner with over 30 years of excellence in the pawn industry.  We have put together training tools, calculators, quizzes and more that we will show you how to use that we feel are second to none in the industry.   You will have all the tools and we will be there to help facilitate the materials so that your lead team members will be able to easily train new team members and reaffirm the knowledge is being retained in existing team members. Ensure peace of mind, maximum return on your investment, and team members who are enjoying their job and making more money as you do because they will be confident in not only taking in merchandise, but also feel empowered in selling your jewelry. This is only included in Silver and above packages or as a stand-alone service.

Commission and Bonus*– We help pawn businesses just like yours make more money and be more successful by helping them create the perfect commission plan for your hourly staff and bonus plans for your managers.  The perfect commission plan for your business means better employee performance, better employee retention and more profit for you as the owner! This plan is custom for your business and that is why it is only included in Service packages.

Create Online Sales Programs and Initiatives– We have helped create online sales programs where you can market, advertise and even sell your merchandise online.  When you have tons of inventory, finding out where to begin is a daunting task. We have done this for not only pawnshops, for second-hand goods retailers, e-commerce companies, cell phone stores, jewelry and watch buyers and sellers, and so much more!  If you need to get an online presence, we are the folks that you need to talk to!  Included in all Service Packages and can be an individual service.

Perfect Pricing & Merchandising– If you want to sell more merchandise at a better price, have less aged inventory, and discount less while doing it, you need to learn the art of perfect pricing and perfect merchandising of your store.  We will help you achieve this and more.  This is included in every service package because it goes hand in hand with our pawnbroker and sales staff training but can also be used as an individual service because of the major impact it can make.

Key Performance Indicators(KPI) We as a team help you define what key performance indicators you need to know, how to manage and track them, and more importantly we teach you how to use these metrics to understand what is going on in your business; both good and bad.  We take those key learnings from the metrics and apply it to the pawnbroker training to make your business more successful.  We have been told that our metrics are better, more unique and more accurate than that of even other pawnshop consultants.  Included in all Service Packages and can be an individual service.

Multi-Unit Manager Training– If you are a multi-unit chain of stores and have managers that oversee more than one store, you need to have them do this training!  We will teach them how to manage all aspects of the business, read and understand the key metrics that will show them where their biggest opportunity for more profit is, how to discipline and motivate their teams, and last but not least, how to train and groom staff for internal development so that you do not always have to hire and replace your team members.  Sold as an individual service or included in Gold and Diamond Packages.

New-Age Marketing and Advertising Plans – We will help you create a new marketing and advertising program that provides a maximum return on investment.  Many parts of the plan will require minimal dollar expenditure while still providing maximum increased traffic.  We understand what “old school ” advertising works, but more importantly we use our experience in other industries to target customers who are not using our services and get them to not only come in and see us, but those that already do use us to use us more frequently. Included in all Service Packages and can be a stand-alone service as well.

Pawnshop Exit Strategy– We have partnered with Steve Stallcup and his company The Stallcup Group where we combine the best brokerage firm in the pawn industry with our expertise of making the stores worth more money through improving the operations and our tax consulting that will save you tens of thousands of dollars or more when it is time for you to sell your pawnshop(s).  You can rest well knowing that you will not only get top dollar for your sale but save from paying tons of money from Uncle Sam at the same time! This is a standalone service only.

Tax Review Consultation– The IRS itself will tell you that business owners only take advantage of 7-10% of the tax breaks that they qualify for simply because most of them do not know they exist.  We will review your taxes for FREE and show you how much LESS you should have paid in taxes and then it is up to you how you plan to handle your tax situation going forward.  This service is available to EVERYONE (paid client or not) and is included in every single service package

Change Management– We specialize in change Management and getting businesses back on track, improving their operations, and making them and profitable. Whether you need to streamline your operation, improve profitability, improve production, productivity or get current with the times, we can help you. This is included in Gold and Diamond Packages and as a stand-alone service.

Business Development Plan– This pawnshop consulting service is essential if you want your business to continue to be successful in the next coming years.  You need to add services, change the way you do business and get updates with the changes that we see coming for this industry over the next 5 years.  Are you ready for the future of pawn?  Included in all Service Packages and can be an individual service as well.

Work Life Balance Consulting– One of the biggest issues that we see pawnbrokers having these days is the ability to be able to leave their store for even one day let alone one week for a conference or a vacation. The good news is that it can be fixed and fixed very quickly.  We will teach you as owners and managers how to train better, delegate non-essential tasks and eventually how to get your team to do more of what keeps your trapped in your stores.  Every business owner needs this training! Included in all Service Packages and can be an individual service as well.

Cost Savings/Cash-flow Review– Every business, regardless of the industry has cost savings available to them.  Sometimes it comes in the form of changing services, or eliminating services, getting staff to be more productive, or other.  Our trained eyes and team of pawnshop consultants have never failed to find cost savings with our clients, so we guarantee that we can do the same for you!  Included in all Service Packages and can be a stand-alone service as well.

New Store Openings We help pawnbrokers prepare for and launch new store openings.  We believe the planning of a new store opening is paramount to the success of its operation and longevity.  We as owners have a tendency to want to take our best managers from our existing locations to open their new one.  While this has good logic, it also creates problems.  We have opened hundreds of locations nationwide over the years, so we are your best resource when it comes to new location openings. Sold as an individual service or included in Gold and Diamond Packages.

Keys to Success®– Does your business have a hard time finding the best talent and then retaining them?  Pawnshops today see over 75% turnover rates or higher.  That means if they have 10 employees, 8 of them or more leave each year and need to be replaced.  What if you could train and develop all of your leaders from the ground up, including even entry level employees that become upper level managers?  We believe this is possible and can show you how to do it!  Stand-lone service or included in Diamond level Packages.

Executive for Hire– Because our owner also owns another consulting firm, we are able to offer executive for hire. Whether you are in need of COO, CEO, CFO or CMO help on a temporary or more long-term basis, we have you covered.  If your business is in need of some executive consulting and support to help you get to the next level, then we have you covered!  Sold as an individual service or included in the Gold or Diamond service packages.

Merger and Acquisition– As a pawn shop consulting group, we specialize in helping businesses like yours successfully buy and merge other pawn shops into your empire.  One of the keys to this is that as the owner, you will need to and want to incorporate best practices and training from the new pawnshop to the old one and vice versa.  This causes challenges on many levels especially making all locations operate the same way with the same processes and procedures.  We are experts in this area and have decades of experience doing this.

Cost for Services

1 location = $10,000 All-inclusive* onsite or $3,500 Mobile**

2-5 locations = $12,500 All-inclusive* onsite or $5,000 Mobile**

6-10 locations= $15,000 All-inclusive* onsite of $7,500 Mobile**

More than 10 locations = A custom price plan built to suit

*Travel costs included up to $1,500 total for airfare, hotel and car

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