In the world of pawnshops today, it is essential that you have yourself, and your business covered with the professional help of a Pawnshop Human Resources Consultant.  Often times referred to as an HR Consultant, the Human Resources Consultant helps the pawnbrokers they work with to solve any human resources needs. New or smaller companies may use their services to establish company policy and procedures, employee handbook creation and ensure they are complying with applicable laws regarding their staff.   In some cases, HR Consultants even go so far as to make recommendations for reorganizing a department’s leadership structure, hiring and firing decisions and guidance on how to proceed with complicated employee related issues. If you have employees, you need to know a good Pawnshop HR Consultant!

HR Consulting Services Offered

Company and Employee Handbook Creation– Every pawnshop no matter the size needs to have a company and/or employee handbook to outline the mission, the policies and the rules of the pawn business so that each and every employee who joins will know what they need to know!

Programs to Attract and Retain Pawnshop Talent– Turnover and trying to find top talent to work in pawnshops is one of the most time consuming and money wasting things that business owners struggle with.  We can help you get the right processes, systems and benefits for your pawnshop staff that will help you attract top talent and that will also help you retain the great staff that you have currently.

Find and Deliver Benefits to Your Pawn Staff– The best thing you can do to help morale and to find the best pawnshop talent is to help them have the best benefits available.  We will help you define the most needed benefits and also help you source them through a vast network of providers.

Mitigate Risk– No one wants to have extra risk involved with employee relations and often times that is why problems remain for so long in the business.  We can help you make educated coordinated and precise calculated decisions that can keep you from major risk.

Employee Relations Support– Having employees can be challenging and sometimes downright messy when things do not go as planned.  You need someone in your corner to help you make the best of the best situations better, and to help you make tough decisions in the worst situations.

Organizational Structure Guidance- One of the most important things that has to be done in any business is to design the organization with the right hierarchy especially if the business needs change management or downsizing.  Either way, you are in good hands with us as we help get you org chart perfect!

People Development/ Training Programs – Every business needs a plan to help make the best employees better and to help their bottom performers to improve.  That is what our People Development Program does for you!

Compliance Assistance– Now, more than ever, businesses need to stay “compliant” with local, state and even covid rules, statutes, and policies.  We will help you follow the rules and keep you compliant at all times!


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