Jewelry, Precious Metals Diamond and Luxury Watch Training

Every time we help a client, we see that they are leaving tens of thousands of dollars in sales and profit on the table when it comes to Jewelry.  As part of our ongoing education efforts to make your life easier, less stressful and more profitable Devoted Pawn Consulting has developed a program to assist you in what should be your most profitable area, instead of it being your biggest liability.   Are you tired of inconsistencies in the pricing of jewelry coming in and the pricing of your jewelry in your showcases?  Frustrated by your margins in scrap, diamonds, and high-end watches? Want to have everyone on the same page in your operation, so that even your least experienced team member can hold their own at the pawn and sales counter. This  ties in with our other services but is also a stand alone program to help stop the bleeding of cash and make you more money than you though possible in Jewelry.  We will have you loaning on and selling so much jewelry that you will think it is 2010 again!

What Will You Receive with this training?

You and your entire team will receive hands on training from a jeweler and multi-unit pawnshop owner with over 30 years of excellence in the pawn industry.  We have put together training tools, calculators, quizzes and more that we will show you how to use that we feel are second to none in the industry.   You will have all the tools and we will be there to help facilitate the materials so that your lead team members will be able to easily train new team members and reaffirm the knowledge is being retained in existing team members. Ensure peace of mind, maximum return on your investment, and team members who are enjoying their job and making more money as you do because they will be confident in not only taking in merchandise, but also feel empowered in selling your jewelry.  Remember that Jewelry sales are based on emotion and romancing the sale.   We guarantee that we can give them the insight, tools and confidence in order to achieve this.   Jewelry should be your highest redemption area, and your highest profit margin in sales, your most sales in a category, and more.  This program will get everyone on the same page, which results in higher profits, better cash flow and better employee retention making you more money while having more work life balance!

Another Great Program developed by Devoted Pawn Consulting where we are driven to help you have fun again, and make more profit!- Vernon Stading

Not Sure You Need This Program?

We have a simple test to prove that every pawnshop needs help and work in this area.  Try this exercise with your entire team one at a time. Choose three things in your jewelry case (or better yet that just came out of pawn) and price them and evaluate them yourself as the expert in the business.  Come up with buy, loan and retail sales price on your own and do not share it with anyone.  Now,  give each employee the same 3 things and see what they come up with for prices. Do you guarantee that they come up with the same prices?  If not, this is one of your profit margin issues.  This is the same test that we do with each an every client while doing onsite consulting and while we have worked with some of the best stores in the business, we have never had all staff members come up with the same numbers.  Not even close.   We guarantee that this will be the best training that you have ever had as well as a guaranteed return on investment.

All training is for 3 months or longer and begins with personalized hands on training  and onsite support.  Each training program is custom and unique to your current business needs, wants and current training level.

✅Hands-on Pawnbroker Training guaranteed to grow pawn balance & service charges with more accuracy

✅Hands-on training for authenticating precious metals, diamonds, lab grown, luxury watches and more

✅Hands-on training for proper valuation, loaning, buying and selling jewelry

 ✅Hands on training to teach your staff to sell more jewelry and be able to discount less while doing so

✅All the tools, Calculators & training materials we have created for jewelry & diamonds over the years

✅Assistance and training to ensure maximum online sales and exposure

✅Hands-on Training for proper retail pricing and merchandising

And so much more…..

Cost for Services

1 location = $2,500 a month for 3 months (airfare, hotel and car may be additional) *

2-5 locations = $5,000 a month for 3 months (airfare, hotel and car may be additional) *

6-10 locations= $7,500 a month for 3 months (airfare, hotel and car may be additional) *

More than 10 locations = A custom price plan built to suit


Right now we are taking reservations for this training beginning in June 2020.

All you need to do is place a small deposit for the services, pick your preferred dates and we do the rest.  Place contact us or call us anytime at 727-580-5876 for more details and full package pricing.

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