Maximum Pawnshop Profitability

While you are waiting for things to "get back to normal", your competition is re-inventing ways to take your pawn customers. .  You can continue to wait, use the same old vendors or consultants that [...]

Pawnshop Ownership Is Tough

Customers not returning, the industry changing daily, prices of everything increasing rapidly, staff impossible to find or keep, retail product hard or impossible to get, and loans balances that seem to never want to get [...]

Still Waiting for Customers To Return

Are you still waiting for customers to return?  Hoping that no more Stimulus money goes out?  Stop Waiting and check out the best deal in Pawnshop Consulting!  Now you can pay over time for our services!  [...]

Pawnshop Cash Flow Versus Profit

In the pawn business today, we hear lots of discussion about cash flow instead of profitability and if you are not careful, you can cash flow yourself right out of business.  The reason we can [...]

Pawnshop Consulting Layaway

To say that 2020, 2021, and even 2022 have been different for pawnshops would be an understatement! As pawnbrokers you had to change and adapt to survive and we made those changes with you. [...]

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