We want to help you sell your pawnshops for the highest price around while paying the least amount of taxes legally possible!  We can cut out up to 93% of taxes owed and put that money back in your pocket.   Capital gains taxes apply to the sale of capital assets for profit (especially businesses and real estate) and can gobble up a massive amount of your asset once you sell it.  When you work your whole life to build the business and then have to pay as much as 30% or more of your profits right away to uncle Sam, you can feel cheated.  This is why we at Devoted Pawn Consulting have Partnered with the Stallcup Group (Pawnshop Exit Strategy Consultants), and Excel Empire (Tax Strategy Consultants) to offer something that no one else can do for you!

How Does it Work

Stallcup Group is know as one of the best in the business and since 2009,  has closed contracts that include 229 pawn shops for a combined total sales amount of more than $430M. They are know for successful representation that puts real money in the hands of real independent pawn brokers—just like you.  They will work to get your the most money for your shops and guide you the entire way!

Devoted Pawn Consulting is well known for helping pawnshops grow their loan balance and profitability by 20-30% in a very short period of time.  When you partner this Consulting service with the Stallcup Group, your pawnshop will sell for more and be more attractive to buyers especially when they see increased growth and profits!

Excel Empire is the absolute icing on the cake in this partnership. For more than 2 decades, Matt and his team have been saving our clients tons of money each year on taxes and they are also able to save you up to 93% of the taxes that other people have to pay in capital gains when they sell their business.  They use the same programs that the billionaires use and now they can put that knowledge to work for you!


Never before has their been a group of consultants that work in unison for you and the sale and profitability of your pawnshops! You will absolutely love the service you receive as we guarantee the best price for your shops while paying as little taxes as legally required!  Contact us now for more information or call us at 727-580-5876.  You may also schedule a free consultation here directly.