What Custom Reports Do We  Use With Our Clients?

Have you recently heard about or ever wondered what kind of custom reporting that we have created over the years?  Do you want to know how we use that data to interpret the health of your business?  Do you want to know what return on investment we have gotten for others just like you  using these custom reports and our Pawn Process?

We enlisted the help of PawnMaster to help us create three custom reports at the click of a button.   One is the Store level KPI for.  This one allows us to see everything that we need to know as it relates to the health of your stores and exactly how much money you are leaving on the table.  The next report is a custom employee productivity report.  This tells us which employees are contributing to the success or the missed opportunities in the business.  Lastly, the employee productivity report led us to the custom commission report that is revolutionizing the pawn industry as we speak!  You will for sure want to see what this report is all about!

Check out our video for more details!

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