The inevitable time of the year has come.  Tax returns were released, and our customers came and redeems their pawns in droves.  It is part of the cycle of life in the pawn industry. It leaves us cash rich this time of the year but usually down in pawn balance and service charges which means less cash flow in the next coming months.  What if there was a way to make our business handle the high and low tides of the different seasons that we encounter?

What Are You Going to Do With All That Money?

This time of the year we often hear that our prospective clients are excited about the cash reserves they have but are stressed about the pawn balance that they see dropping this time of year.  Furthermore, they believe that there is nothing that can be done these ups and downs and changing cycles of our season.   We know that this doesn’t have to be true and so do our clients.  At Devoted Pawn Consulting, we pride ourselves in helping our customers grow their loan balances all year, grow retail sales even during “loaning season”, and how to make more money with your existing customers.  We help you do all of this and more with our Pawn Process™Training for you and your staff.  That is why we believe the best use of your time and money right now is bringing our team of pawnshop consultants into your business.  You will be in great shape heading into loan season.  And well on your way to seeing increases of pawn balance, service charges and retail sales of 30% or more like our average clients.  Contact us today to find our more or call us directly at 727-580-5876