How well do you know our group of pawnshop consultants?

Devoted Pawn Consulting is the definition of integrity in a profession that is often known for making business owners dependent on them for their success . External business consulting, coaching and support is a billion-dollar industry in America and sadly many consultants and business coaches have used business owners for their own goals and success. Our goal are simple:

  • To make you aware of how much money you are leaving on the table and/or how much opportunity you have for more success.
  • Give you the strategy , processes and systems needed to be successful as well as hands on guidance and training along the way.  This will allow you to make the tough changes necessary to make meaningful and profitable change.
  • To give you metric tracking systems that allows you to see the improvement you are making as you implement the changes necessary to be successful.  This allows you to also hold us accountable for what we promised will work.
  • We promise to never make you dependent on us for success.  What we do will last you the test of time and continue to produce results in your business long after we are gone and you have stopped paying us.


Vernon Stading

Vernon has a passion for helping businesses be more successful and that is why he founded Devoted Enterprises, Devoted Foundations and the Small Business Advisory Board of MN. He has a strong leadership background and has been helping business owners succeed and make more money for more than 15 years.   Vernon has extensive knowledge in the retail, pawn, jewelry, financial services and hotel industries and he worked for two international franchise companies before learning the pawn industry. He got to learn from the pawn business experts who are looked at as leaders and revolutionaries in the industry. Vernon also met many other folks that were nationwide and international consultants along the way who have a lot of great ideas and suggestions on how to improve businesses in this industry. Vernon learned the business so well, that after leaving that organization, he started his own consulting firm with most our first clients being pawn stores. He was approached by several nationwide chains and asked to do merger and acquisition for them.  He got to experience firsthand the amazing and fast-paced growth of small, medium, and a large sized chain by buying other organizations, fixing them and putting their name and brand on them.  He was able to work with every type of location, from the 38,000 square-foot Taj Mahal pawn shops to the 2,000 square-foot hole in wall, and everything in between. In addition, he is an expert at helping business owners create processes, systems, policies and procedures that streamline their business and ultimately help them make more money with less work. Regardless of what your business needs are, he is an ideal candidate to help take your company to the next level.

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Dan Reynertson

Dan has been known as the “pawn dude” for more than two decades.  He is a multi-unit pawn shop owner, former hands on operator an also our Senior Consultant when it comes to pawn broker consulting.  Dan is also one of our former clients!   That is where he fell in love with the idea of what we do.  He is an expert at how to make pawn shops more successful and profitable and can work with both the owners and key staff and employees.  He has seen decades of what the industry has to offer and has embraced our new age ideas and strategy when it comes to helping business in this industry succeed and prosper!  You will be in great hands with Dan helping your pawn shop!

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Mark Bellestri

Mark has been playing a key role in the success of pawn and jewelry stores since joining the team over 4 years ago! He is an executive thinker and works well with the leadership and ownership teams on our projects.  He started his career in the insurance and banking industry as a sales manager for an agency in New Mexico. In 1991 Mark moved to Minneapolis to work with TCF Bank as a VP for their new in-store banking concept in a local chain of grocery stores called Cub Foods. Mark developed several key sales processes for the in-store concept and won the prestigious “President” award 6 out of 7 years during his tenure.  In 2004 Mark started a cost efficiency consulting business for non-direct expenses which still comes in handy to this day and is where he met Vernon the founder. Through Mark’s processes he was able to save companies on average 30% on their non-direct expenses. He uses the same skill set here with our pawn clients. Lastly, in his three years here at Devoted Business Development, Mark has found an amazing niche for being able to work with businesses that are family owned and is able to help them solve their differences amicably and in a way that benefits the business greatly! In joining Devoted Business Development, Mark is looking forward to bringing his passion to entrepreneur’s and business owners in Minnesota and across the country.

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Terri Philion

Terri has known the founder Vernon for over two decades and was excited to join this team for years!  It has been said that Terri can sell anything to anyone and we have seen this to be true firsthand! For us she will work with ownership and the team to help define your sales team, your sales process and your sales training.  Far too often no training has been given to the sales portion of the business or that training has lacked detail.  Terri can help your team learn how to sell like a well-oiled machine!  She has been successful in fundraising, recruiting and sales for over 20 years. She will tell you that “Sales and products have evolved over the past two decades, but remains – at its core – a simple science; balancing belief in your product with a sincere passion for improving the lives of others.”  If your team needs sales training she is a perfect fit!

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Heather is our Client Relations Director.  Her role is to ensure total client satisfaction while making sure that the client’s and consultant’s projects are completed on time and to our and the clients standards.  She acts as a liaison as well as a project manager.    She has project management and customer service experience with large companies such as Allina Hospitals and Walgreen’s Pharmacies so you can rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to her providing the best support and project management possible!  She will ensure that there is no projects that fall between the cracks.

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