We hired Devoted Pawn Consulting and it was a wonderful experience! They really helped us define employee roles within our company and hold them responsible for their daily tasks. It has helped shift some of my daily duties as an owner to other employees and freed me up to do more essential functions during the day and really manage. Vernon’s metrics also really helped us to identify deficiencies in our business model. We were not pushing interest payments or sales nearly enough and as a result a lot of our interest was way past the 120-day due dates required by law in RI. I think you will agree that interest is absolutely a key metric in any pawn shop. When was the last time you reviewed how much interest was due within 30 days, 60-90, etc. By changing a few policies in the store, we have increased our pawn finance charges by over 6% in June and 40% in July alone compared to last year. I would say their consulting had an immediate impact for us and I only reviewed one KPI category. There are many other metrics he really helped us with!