Vernon has a passion for helping businesses be more successful and that is why he started Devoted Enterprises, Devoted Pawn Consulting, the  Small Business Advisory Board of FL and a Non-Profit that focuses on helping businesses in crisis free of charge . He has a strong leadership background and has been helping business owners succeed and make more money for almost 20 years.   Vernon has extensive knowledge in the pawn, Jewelry, Retail, Hospitality industries, and he worked for two international franchise companies.  He has managed and lead operations teams at every level of management, and has experience working with business owners teaching them how to make their operations more profitable and successful. He got into the pawn business by a matter of fate.  That fate lead him to begin working to build under- performing stores into successful businesses and then moving on to the next mission.  He did this so well, that he began his own Pawnshop Consulting Company and has never looked back.  He prides himself on never taking advantage of the pawnbroker and in fact wants to give them far more value and ROI that they are used to.  His goal is and always has been to help you get the tools, systems and marketing plan that you need to be successful and then never need to hire us or anyone else again!  Email him anytime to find out more about how he can help your pawnshop or chain achieve more success.