Pawnbrokers by nature are very hard working and very proud people.  Given how hard they work, can you imagine how frustrating it must be to know that there are circumstances that are beyond their control lately that are dictating change in their life and their business?  According to associations and large companies in this industry, up to 45 pawns shops close their doors each month, most of them because they cannot turn the profit that they used to, or at all.  It is no wonder then that given the current state of affairs in the world today, many times more than that number are in fear of the unknown right now.   Fearing things like forced shutdowns, sickness, lost sales, loss of revenue, possible layoffs, having to close for good, and more.  This week alone the phone calls and messages that we have received confirm that this fear is not only real but putting many pawnshops at risk.  This week alone, we have helped owners lay off staff and personally walked them through helping them show their staff how to file for unemployment because they were forced to close their stores.  Imagine how they felt as they have never had to lay off any staff ever before.  Who else is in this position and has no one to turn to for help?

But we as vendors, we can help!  At Devoted Pawn Consulting we have always helped those in need for free or for whatever they can afford for as long as we have been in business!  We encourage you as vendors to offer whatever advice or services you can to help and to also considering giving a donation to our Not-for-Profit organization Devoted Foundations that helped more than a dozen pawnbrokers get back on their feet in recent months.  We encourage you to do this just like many of us did last month when we wanted to send first time pawnbrokers to DC for free!  The best part is that it is tax deductible donation! If every vendor that reads this gave just a fraction of the amount that each of us pledged for the DC trip, we could help more pawnshops that we can handle with our current staffing level!  We need to remember that we are all in this together and for every pawnshop that closes each month, is one less client for each of us.  Are you willing to help those who need it most during this stressful time?   Please contact us for more information on how you can help, if you are a pawnshop in need or with questions on how to give back at 727-580-5876