We Helped Pawnbrokers in 2019

We have seen and heard from many organizations and associations that as many as 40 pawnshops close their doors each month in and industry that used to be immune to such things.  in 2019, Devoted Foundations, a partner of Devoted Pawn Consulting was able to help 9 pawn companies get back on track and avoid that demise.  All these companies were in bad shape and were near closing their business when we began helping them.  We gave them the tools, training, guidance and support that was needed to help increase their sales, cash flow, profits, and in most cases make painful, yet strategic cuts necessary to get them out of eminent danger. We helped them collect more interest and service charges on their loans, to sell more inventory and to discount less (giving them a much-needed double improvement), and helped them manage their costs better and more profitably. In most cases we were able to get the pawnshops stable in 2-3 months or so and even have four of them that are seeing major increases in profit that are better than they have seen in many years.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that even though we helped 9 pawn companies succeed, we were left without funds and resources necessary to help the other 12 companies that called, inquired or in some cases begged for help. In most cases, if we are able to get donated time from the Devoted Pawn Consultants, we can help the average pawnshop client for less than $2,000 from beginning to end.  This is where we need your help!

How Devoted Foundations Works

At Devoted Foundations SBC, we rely on Donations as well as individuals and businesses giving back to operate. We help both businesses and individuals get the support they need to be more successful and take care of their needs, no matter how bad those needs are.   Business pay what they can afford in the beginning for the help they need, and then pledge to give back after we have helped them succeed and get back on their feet.  Individuals pay what they can afford as well and then pledge to give back once they have secured the job position or the training that they need to succeed.  We also rely on donations made at fundraiser events, auctions, donated time and more!  If each person that reads this donated just $10, we could help all those pawnshops in need and more!  Please consider giving to this great cause in 2020!