Gold is nearing or at an all-time high day to day and we cannot forget history.  When this happened in the past, many pawnbrokers got lazy and just took what came in. But what ended up happening was that the vulchers moved in and it seemed that even the local barbershop was buying gold.  If you want to win in this crazy new world, you need our help and we want to give you some free tips here.

Maximize the Gold Boom

Pay top dollar– Figure out what that means for your business and make sure that no one else is paying more within reason.  This will keep the parasites like the corner gold buyers away because they rip people off.   Get aggressive not lazy.

Tell every single customer, even our sales customer that you buy broke or unwanted gold.  Lose the word “scrap” because it devalues the item for one, and second, our customers do not know what it means.  For years we have been saying that the amount of gold is not less in circulation, we are just not seeking it and asking for it like we did in years past.

Tell the world that you pay top dollar for gold and precious metals.  Get some signage (or better signage) in your stores that no one can miss from inside and outside the store.  Watch your gold fly…….

Use your social media– If you have social media, the fact that you pay top dollar for broken and unwanted gold should be a staple message!

Educate your customers– If you do have the sleazy gold buyers that rip your customers off in your area tell the customers what they can expect there and with you and SHOW them the difference.  You control this not the sleazy folks.  Earn the trust of the customer and then turn them into sales and loan customers too!

Follow these tips and we guarantee that you will take in more gold than ever before! Let us know if you need any help in your pawn business and good luck to all!  You can see more of our services here.