This package is our most all inclusive package and is for those who need extensive hands on support.  We recommend this package for turn around operations that need to get back on track, new store openings that need us on site often and when companies are merging or acquiring other businesses etc.  We will focus our attention on operations, executives for hire (if needed to get the business on track again), guidance with merger and acquisition from the operations, people and marketing side, or major growth initiatives and turnaround operations. With this package, you get all the perks of the Gold Package such as a marketing and advertising plan, growth plan for your team, all of our training tools and metric trackers to help your business improve (and measure that improvement),  a custom commission structure and so much more  in addition to support with any opportunities that we uncover! Our team will work hands on with you on marketing and advertising, financial and cash flow issues, work/life balance, staffing problems, and leadership training and more!  Your business will be a fine tuned machine at the end this guidance & consulting and the best part is that what we will teach you will  last you a lifetime, so no need to pay us more money to bring us back in again!

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