Key Metric Tracking has never been more essential than it is now.  Every day we hear that “it is not as easy to make a buck in the pawn business as it used to be” and because of that, you need to take a look at your numbers and data differently than ever before.  There is more to your business than just your pawn balance and retail sales.  With this form, you will be able to know exactly what is going on in all your stores and if they are doing well.  If they need help and are NOT doing well, the data will show you exactly what is the issue and how to fix it.  This tool is a must have if you are a multi unit operator or desire to have less contact daily in your stores.  It was designed and tweaked over the years by hundreds of clients with our help and direction and is so popular that two software companies have implemented as part of their special reporting modules.  This report will help you achieve maximum profitability that you have always wanted! The cost for this tool is only $50! You will need Microsoft Excel to use this form and it will require some minor customization to add your stores goals and target data.  Cheat sheets are included for several types software.

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