Employee Handbook– One of the number one requests that we get as consultants is “can you also build me an employee handbook?”  This request is so frequent that we now have an HR consultant on staff to help us do just that.  While we never advocate downloading a “template” when it comes to handbooks because laws and rules vary greatly by state, you can rest assured that this template was done professionally and specifically made for the pawn clients we service.  You will not be disappointed in this handbook because it even includes key job descriptions for roles founds in the average pawnshop and it can be customized very easily to be compliant for any state in the union and even internationally. We are confident that this is the best Handbook template that you will ever find online.    The cost for this template is only $100 when it can cost $5,000 or more for someone to build it from scratch! This form will be emailed directly to you after ordering and it will require Microsoft Word to customize it for your pawnshop needs!*

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*Disclaimer- This employee handbook template is not written directly for you business and it is recommended that you have it reviewed professionally once you are finished customizing it.