Basic Diamond Pricing Guide-During our client visits, we are always amazed at how little is known about diamonds, what to pay for them when someone comes in to get a loan or sell us their jewelry, and what they are worth to us.  Diamonds are worth money and we suggest that you offer money for them or add these amounts to the gold prices that you pay for Jewelry especially knowing how much you can sell them for similar to how you sell your scrap gold.  Not offering money for diamonds is the number one reason we tend to lose jewelry loans with customers because of how much they paid for those stones with jewelry stores.  This pricing guide is BASIC but needs to be used as a beginner tool for those who need it.  It will allow anyone on your team to understand how to price and valuate diamonds and leave them begging for even more diamond training.  When staff is educated and comfortable, they always make you more money! This is sure to make your pawnshop more profitable overnight! The cost for this form is only $20! it will come in a Word document so it can be edited slightly if needed.  Please check your email after paying as it will come directly to you automatically to the email listed in this form below.

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