Many pawnbrokers have asked for help that they can use (and afford) right now as we head into uncharted territory.  We think we are a good fit for this because of all of our standalone services,  we picked out what we think are the best fit for this time given what we are going through in this industry.  We also wanted to make sure that they could be trained remotely and still have the best ROI possible.  We have been successfully executing all of our services via remote consulting for over 18 months.  Here is what we came up with for services that can help any pawnbroker do better in this time of uncertainty!

Option 1

  • Pawnbroker & Counter Training– In this time of chaos and crisis, your team is going to be flooded with loan requests soon with so many people out of work. We know this to be true.  But is your staff ready to “win every transaction” from a profit standpoint?  Can they navigate around offering less than the customer wants if they item is not worth that much to more people than normal?  Will they handle closing the deals like a pro?  We will teach you this and more so that you will not just write tons of new loans, but that you write tons of new loans that actually make you money!
  • Increase Cash Flow training – We will work with you to increase your cash flow in your business in several ways including doing a cost savings review. We will review everything from services, to vendors, or just the way you spend money on a monthly basis. We are experts at this because when we got into the pawn business, we were forced to grow the pawn business without the luxury of cash laying around to do it.
  • Pricing, Merchandising Training– We will help you get your sales floor merchandised better and priced right so that you can sell more and discount less. This means more cash flow and more profit for you!
  • Online Sales Consulting– We will help you get your online sales going if you have not already, or help you increase your already in use e-commerce. This will help you sell more while making more revenue and cash flow.
  • Marketing and advertising plan including Free website and SEO review- We will help you market your business better so that before and after things return to “normal”, you will be able to drive new people into the business!
  • Unlimited phone and Mobile Support- is included in this package. If you need help, need to talk or need professional advice, you can call us at any time.

All of these services can and will be done remotely for the low price of $1,595 one time fee.

Option 2

Many clients have called and just want to be able to voice their thoughts and opinions and then get a professional opinion on their options.  For years we have offered this to prior clients after we have worked with them and they use it for when problems arise or situations occur that they need guidance in.  We are now making this option available to EVERYONE! You can reach out to us using the phone, text, email or other as often as you need.  We will be there for you whenever you need us!  The cost for this is only $500 a month.

Option 3

We also have the option of helping your pawnshop for free or whatever you can afford through our Not for Profit organization, Devoted Foundations.   If you are in need, go online and and fill out the form under “Need Support” and we will be in contact with you ASAP.


Please contact us or call us directly at 727-580-5876 if you have any questions.