Not to feel left out, we at Devoted Pawn Consulting are coming up with our very first ever Black Friday deal.  The best part is that you do not even need to leave the house to take advantage of it!  For a limited time only, not only do you get our current offer of 1 month of free consulting assistance with every paid service package, but you only need to pay half of the service fee up front and the other half upon delivery of the final summary and consulting support*.  This is sure to make it easy to afford us because our average client sees increases in business and cash flow in the first 30 days.  Keep in mind, that each and every service from us includes the following for free:

Free month of ongoing consulting support  ✅
Free marketing and advertising plan  ✅
Free website review  ✅

Included Sales and Pawnbroker Training ✅
Free review of taxes to prove that you can pay less taxes personally and in business ✅
Free custom commission plan ✅
Free cost savings review ✅
Free written action plan to work from after we leave? ✅
Guaranteed return in investment? ✅
Can be done via mobile or onsite consulting to suite your budget ✅

*half of the fee due up front as well as travel costs if applicable

Onsite Pawnshop Consulting Services Pricing 

1-3 locations = $5,000 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

4-6 locations= $7,500 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

7-10 locations =$12,500 plus travel (airfare, hotel and car)*

More than 10 locations = A custom price plan built to suit

*no travel costs within 3-hour drive of Tampa Area.

We also offer onsite and Mobile Pawnshop Consulting for your convenience.  The pricing for that is as follows:

1-3 locations = $3,500 one-time fee

4-6 locations= $4,500 one-time fee

7-10 locations =$6,500 one-time fee

More than 10 locations = A custom price plan built to suit

Contact us now, or call us any time at 727-580-5876 with questions.  We are here to serve the Pawn industry.